I remember one especially sensitive group years ago saying that we should say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”  Just one group.  Since then, social networks and my email has blown up with all sorts of communiques about how saying “Happy Holidays” makes me an anti-American, communist, gun hating, PC bitch and maybe if I loved freedom more, I wouldn’t be such a jerkwad.

That being said…not once…not a single time have I ever wished someone a Merry Christmas and been shut down.  Not once have I said, “Merry Christmas” and someone informed me they were insulted.  Is it possible that the entire thing about people hating it when you tell them “Merry Christmas” is made up? 

Let’s just ignore the absolute inanity of getting upset when someone wishes us well in the “wrong way.”  Let’s concentrate on the hypocrisy of negatively responding to someone telling people how to wish people a good holiday season by telling people…uh…how to wish people a good holiday season.

Don’t we have better things to worry about?  Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, “Happy Holidays” from me, meant I hope you had a good time during the part of the year with multiple holidays.  It still means that to me and yet I get shut down now when I tell people “Happy Holidays.” 

Me:  “Happy Holidays!”

Them:  “Happy Holidays!?!  Noooo, nooo, noo…it’s ‘Merry Christmas,’ bro!” 

Me:  “Okay, Merry Christmas and I hope your dog vomits on your carpet, you get diagnosed with cancer of the face, and your wife leaves you for a Quiet Riot cover band roadie on New Year’s….but your Christmas…yeah…have a good one of those”



It kind of makes me want to take off my pointy little elf shoes and beat people about the face and ears with them.  I have never experienced someone getting pissy when I tell them “Merry Christmas.”  I have experienced people getting in my face for saying “Happy Holidays.”  So…I ask you…who is PC?  Who are the sensitive ones?  Who are the ones really being Christmas penises about this whole thing?

Happy Holidays!  I suggest we all just chill out a little bit.