It’s late and I am highly irritated.

  • The cost of living in a free society is that the top earners need to give back to the lower earners….or run the risk of all the lower earners rising up, bashing your grandma’s skull against a brick wall, eating your dog, fisting your wife, and taking all your shit. In past societies, folks have thought that revolution couldn’t happen…yeah…how did that work out?

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  • Someone pissed me off. May want to check out my profile. This whole situation has me a tiddle bit on edge.

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  • Just awesome to see how WI wants a “trickle down” economics guy…I mean that has worked out so well in the past 40 years…oh wait…what? It hasn’t? No shit? Really…the Republicans who claim to be fiscally frugal actually have spent vastly more than the Democrats have for the past couple generations? Is this a secret? No? Oh I see…it’s just because the Repubs hope we don’t fact check.

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  • So how much have property taxes increased during Walker’s reign? OWN crunched the numbers and found that Walker’s proposed budgets from 2003 to 2010 raised property taxes about 17%, while he’s increased spending 35%, more than Gov. Jim Doyle did during the same period. What’s more, fees on licenses, permits, fines and forfeitures have increased a whopping 129% during Walker’s tenure.

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  • Douchebag alert! Pay careful attention to how he “outsourced” local Wisconsin jobs to a national agency, how he jacked out money to an airport “for free”…something he dissed the current president for…and oh…the last item there on that page in which…well he just fucking lied outright.

    Nope…he’s got the best interests of theSee More

    Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has been continuously campaigning for governor for the past six years. So how do his campaign claims live up to the reality of his time in office? Here’s a look at some of his biggest claims: Claim: Walker

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  • Scott Walker lied to his constituents about the platform he would run on. It’s really no more plain and simple than that. One of his biggest supporters…the Wisconsin Law Enforcement have already turned on him because he is a liar.

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      • Wedge Harris If you still wish to believe that he is a good man because he wants to cut benefits to a group largely made up of lower middle class (do we even have a middle class in this country?) while giving $117 million in tax breaks to corporations…well then…just go fuck yourself because there isn’t anything I can do for you anymore.

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      • Wedge Harris 

        Oh wait…you want to cite that study that says public employees earn double what private sector employees do? In general, public sector employees are better educated, and have job requiring more education that private sector jobs. If youSee More

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      • Wedge Harris If all that above is just too many words for you to read…just go back to the “Scott Walker is a liar.” part and you will get the gist of the whole situation.

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    Union busting accelerates as states seek to find a scapegoat: the middle class

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