Caption Crap

All images lovingly borrowed from  Lame captions are courtesy of me.

…and this is the picture of the boy who would have been your brother, the day before he was put up for adoption.

Mr. Lion:  Godamnit!  After a long day’s work I want the carcass ready for me when I get back to the den!  

Mrs. Lion:  Sure , right after you start remembering to put the seat down after you raise your leg!

Hey, I went to a fight and a hockey game broke….oh…oh…what?  What the fuck is this?  This isn’t right.  Screw it.  I’m only watching Jai Alai from here on out.  

After falling on hard times, Mr. Ed got tired of washing windshields and selling oranges for money and pretty soon he just started demanding it. 

I think I knew these guys when they used to play hockey.

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