Mickey Redmond Drinking Game

I believe this came from the “Abel to Yzerman” blog from KuklasKorner.com a year or two ago.  Everyone sorta chipped in with ideas on the Mickey Redmond Drinking game.  I am reposting a version of it here.
Next Red Wing game, take a drink every time you hear Mickey Redmond use one of these phrases.  I know one of them isn’t a Redmond-ism, but I think you’ll figure it out.
“Happy” Hudler
Wait ‘til you see this replay!
Holy Jumpin’
Hey Gang!
Holy Mackerel!
That was a bang-bang play
Hold it right there, gang!
That’s the way it’s done boys and girls!
You be the judge.
Katie, bar the door
There it is!
Oooohh, geez!”
Taking liberties
Well that’s the new NHL for ya.
He barely touched’em!
In the old days…
He never had a chance on that play.
Bingo Bango
Every time you hear Mick chuckle
Larry Murphy starts a sentence and fails to finish it coherently
Oh Boy
Mick says anything about composite sticks
You could’ve thrown a blanket over ‘em!

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