The best defense against an anonymous detractor? ….blogging

This post is a direct follow up to my last post.  This here free bloggity thingy also lets my facebook friends know when I create a new blog post.  I am fortunate enough that some of my past students wrote some unbelievable things about me.  Most days I try to do my best and most days I’m pretty happy if I can go to bed and say to myself, “Ha, I fooled them again and no one found out I don’t really know what the hell I am doing.”  Apparently, by hook or by crook I’m not a total failure.  I re-post these comments from facebook not to brag, but in direct defense of my teaching practices which were called into question and prompted my preceding post.  All of these have come from past students. All of them were unsolicited and I did get permission from each before posting.

Aside from trying to prove a point to some naysayers within the community, I really honestly give each of these folks a heartfelt thank you.  I never really had a teacher in high school I ever thought enough of to say things like this about.  I should be humbled every day already by the idea that parents are trusting me with their children and… these comments…well they serve as a reminder that I should never take my job for granted.

Amber Lynn Spehar 

and when/if that person does try to contact you, please give them my name. So I can explain to them why your former students would and do want to remain friends with you after gratuation. So that one of your former students can talk about the first time they sat in your class room and actually had her mind opened up to a thought process she could have never conceived of before having an open and honest discussion with you. You say that you hope you can reach your students and touch their lives, well YES SIR, YES SIR YOU HAVE. I’m sure that there are many other students that would agree with me, I’m sure they have had a different experience with you that had a very similar outcome. You Sir, are a rare and dying breed of Teachers. *starting applause*


Adam Damaschke 

A large part of the reason I continued with the early versions of my novel was because you made us write entries in our journals every week in preparation for our Senior paper. It made me write, it gave me a deadline, and your comments, and teachings, helped me develop my story and intimacy with my characters. I don’t think even I know exactly how big a part you were in me finishing my first novel and will be as I continue to work on my trilogy and whatever else in the future.

And to whoever complained, get a life. Please. Your children are in capable hands.


Kaitlyn Kirby 

Loved the blog, dale. First of all, being able to free-write at any given moment has been a key part of my success at the university level. If I ever had to force my self to sit down and write while hastily pulling things out of my head, I wouldn’t have received the scholarships, achievements, or grades that I have thus far. Writing is a critical skill that I don’t feel many other teachers have emphasized. So, bravo for seeing the bigger picture and motivating students to attain that finesse. That shows you aren’t just pushing students through the system. Second of all, touching on the level of respect, your students,former and current, do hold you in the highest regards. Not many other teachers are willing to give that level of respect to students and allow them the privilege of being treated like adults. I think that plays a large role in the transition of child to adult. I know I personally responded better to that method than other teachers who expected me to never make mistakes. I think the fact that students still like to keep in contact with you speaks VOLUMES of your character. The student-teacher relationships that continue past graduation is what makes Carney so different from other public schools.


Jon Damaschke But in all seriousness, your classes were great. One of my favorite things about them were the journals you assigned us to write in. (I don’t remember if it was one class or more than one.) There is nothing better for an antisocial kid, especially in the weird-est time in his life. The opportunity of opening up without the fear of judgement and/or embarrassment made my life a little easier.

Now the only thing left for me to do is say the secret word and watch as my secretly brainwashed Carney grads all rise up in legion to burn and pillage in my name and fetch for me all the neighborhood cats.  *sinisterly rubbing hands together*



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