Forests and Trees

Every so often I have to remind myself of what is and isn’t important in my life.  I did some whining last week about running around like a madman trying to make my house look like something humans lived in before my in-laws arrived.  I was partially successful except I never did get that fresh sawdust put down in my sleeping pen.   A friend of mine sent me a snippet of poem which I have been unable to find in its full version.  In brief, it said, your kids are only young once so quit worrying about cleaning so much and spend time with them because soon they will move out, but the dust will always be there.

It was a nice reminder that I sometimes keep losing sight of what is important in life. Sometimes I get so focused on the jobs at hand, that I get nearsighted and forget to enjoy my time with my family.  I get so upset and guilty over all the little things I am not accomplishing that I forget to appreciate when  I do have a moment on the couch with my wife and daughter.  Or better yet, how about I quit worrying about some of those minor jobs and make more time for my family?   How about I quit worrying about the dust bunnies…actually they have been there long enough that they have probably mutated into some sort of monstrous fanged dustensteins by now…doh!  See there I go again…punishing myself…stop it.  Bad, wedge.  Bad.

So, I am going to try my best for the rest of this day to stop seeing only the obstacles and try instead to see the path around them…right after I change the sheets on Alanis’ bed…no…wait…before that…wait…no, I won’t change them at all and instead read a book with her…after she does her homework…which won’t be until after cheer practice…then she has to take a shower tonight…and we have to pack our lunches for school tomorrow…and that puts us at about 8:45 p.m….

*sigh*  This is going to be even harder than I thought.


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