DirecTV vs Dishmyass

Pulled the trigger today.  It is October 4th and Fox and Dish Network haven’t settled their accounts yet.  Seeing as how the Red Wing games are 95% of the reason I even am willing to pay $78 a month for television programming…egads…I get sick to my stomach a little when my brain starts multiplying $78 X 12 months.  I guess I don’t have much choice.  I don’t go to bars very often nor have much of a social life and if paying a monthly fee so I can watch hockey for six months a year is a sin, then I hope they serve beer in hell because I’m coming in and I’m thirsty.  Now Dish Network has lost their contract with Fox which is the mega corporation that broadcasts my hockey games and I had already told Dish I would be leaving them if I missed a single episode of Sons of Anarchy or a single hockey game.  Well looks like I will miss Sons of Anarchy tomorrow night and Terriers on Wednesday night, but I am hoping that I will have DirecTV up and running in time for the Wings first game on October 8.

I was a Dish Network guy for about 12 years or so, but for the last 3 years, every time they have to re-negotiate with one of their major providers they take the negotiations public and try to get me to call Fox or Cinemax or whoever and yell at them.  I kinda think my $78 a month should be enough where Dish should do the yelling for me.  DirecTV will add about $3 a month to my bill *shudder* but from what I hear, DirecTV is just plain better.  Time will tell.  Again, if I could even get hockey reliably on radio I wouldn’t have much reason to pay for television at all and when I think about how many hookers I could buy in a year if I saved $80 a month…*mmmmm*…..oh wait, sorry…drifted off there for a bit.

So, after being financially fisted for over a decade by Dish Network, I have decided to switch fists. Lets hope that DirecTV doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry. 


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