Positive, Positive, Positive

Alright, it seems to have come to my attention that some folks believe I need to start thinking more positively. Fuck them, but in the spirit of putting some things down in the blog:

Went and had a good time on Halloween with my soon to be ex-wife and my kid. Days later it was made even more enjoyable by the chatter of the idiotic masses that thought that meant the ex and I were mending fences. I guess it is too much to ask that we can be civil in the presence of each other for the sake of giving our kid a happy holiday.

I cut my hand to the bone in a stupid kitchen accident. Is there such a thing as a smart kitchen accident? What’s positive about that? If the knife had missed the bone, I’m sure it would have gone straight through my hand and out the other side which would have required more than the super glue and athletic tape I did use to patch the hole. Always use the right knife for the job. That’s the other positive thing. I didn’t hurt myself too badly and I reminded myself of a simple lesson I should have learned when I first moved out of my parent’s house.

I’m breathing.

I haven’t been hit by a bus…yet.

One of the students I have respected the most over my 12 year teaching career cited me as one of her inspirations to become a teacher. That simple fact will keep me teaching at least until the end of this year after which I may still switch to a less stressful job in which the state know-nothings screw with me less like maybe a state trooper or something. I’ve also thought about manwhoring, but I figure I’m already past a good portion of my shelf life on that one. That Deadliest Catch show on the Discovery channel has also captured my interest. Another possibility there.

I was recently pulled over by a city cop and NOT ticketed.

I’ve instituted martial law in my freshman English class and guess what? Only one person did not have their book with them when we did work today. That my friends, is progress.

Instead of going to college I could have chosen to be a pimento stuffer in an olive factory. Narrow miss there.

I had an artist friend at least get a few issue stint drawing for Marvel. From what I’ve seen, his stuff looks great. He’s worked hard for this opportunity. I hope this deals him into even brighter and bigger things in the world of comic art. Personally, I’m still hoping that he will illustrate my graphic porn novel when I finally sit down to write it. It may not be any good, but all the words will be spelled correctly and it may be the only time you see the words “penultimate”, “stinkeye,” and “yogurt gun” in the same sentence.

Okay time to end this nonsensical blog entry and get my positive ass to bed.


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