VT and NB

VT and NB

Here’s an email I sent to some buddies. I typed it in about 90 seconds. Here it is, in its unedited original form:

Subject: Did youse know…

that apparently that Cho guy at Virginia Tech didn’t kill all those
people? Apparently the fault lies with the University that didn’t see
it coming and devise a way to instantaneously inform all of its
students on and off campus that some nutball with a gun was wandering

Also the free availability of guns in our society is to blame.

Also the fact that no one stopped him before he did it so I’m sure
there is some psychiatrist to blame somewhere too.

The city police took two hours to barricade the campus to keep people
from entering so they share some blame.

The companies that manufactured the guns need to be shut down.

The people that sold the guns need to go to jail, too.

So apparently everyone is to blame except the nutball who actually
shot people because we are an uncaring society who drove him to it and
alowed him access to the tools to accomplish his nutball mission.

Did you know Anna Nicole Smith died?

Goddamn I hate the fucking news.
+++++++end email++++++++

The treatment of this devastating incident by the U.S. media makes me want to vomit.

Between that and the Canadian story of how a mistranslation by Chinese software labeling an Italian couch “nigger brown” has a family suing because they are all “deeply affected”….well I may never watch the news again. All I can say is, “All your base are belong to us.” Those of you who know what I am
talking about are probably laughing your asses off right now. For those of you
who don’t know, if I explained it, it wouldn’t be funny anymore. You are not a very stable family if your sofa bears an offensive word on the tag and it throws your entire family for a loop. I’m pretty sure the Chinese and Italians like to sell their products just like Canucks and Americans do. What would they ever have to gain by purposefully putting a racial slur on a tag? Moore family, do me a favor; next time the world slows down for a second…jump the fuck off! Hey, I can’t be any more crass than Don Cherry can I?


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