RE: Gazongas

March 12, 2007 – Monday
RE: Gazongas

It seems that a comment was made on my original Gazongas post. I began a reply, but it got too long so I decided to make it another entry unto itself.

Original comment to Gazongas post by kim:
regardless of The Pickle, i bet there are women out there who are smart AND have boobs. and i bet there are women who got boobs b/c THEY wanted them.

our lives don’t revolve around men after all.


i definately still want a boob job.

My reply to kim:

I should have known you would pipe in on this. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t. What I’m referring to in the rant…notice the name “rant” which gives me some entitlement to use generalizations to make a point otherwise I would have labeled it as a debate topic or legal brief or some such tommyrot…anyways the rant refers to the trend today to seek superficial fixes to what ails us.

Depressed? Go buy some new clothes. Feeling empty? Run down to the local Quik Lube implant place and get an oil change and some new jugs.

Feeling inadequate? How about some new hair or some calf implants or pec implants?

How about we seek inside ourselves for the reasons we don’t feel complete, happy, satisfied, proud of ourselves?

If someone never wakes up happy with herself, I don’t think a new set of tits is going to help anymore than if she runs out and blows $500 on a shopping spree. It won’t help any more than when a fat, middle aged balding man goes out and buys a convertible.

People need to seek inside themselves. Examine lifestyle. Examine honesty. Examine conduct. Examine work ethic. Examine social interaction. Maybe with some powers of self-reflection one can find what is really the source of the problem instead of grabbing for an artificial band-aid approach that only makes someone feel better for a short time.

As for wanting to get a boob job because of a man, the motivation is really beside the point. It’s still a topical oinment being applied in order to fix an internal injury.

I would rather see women become more strong and sure of themselves than to continue to feed into the body image delusions being propagated by every magazine and plastic surgery hut in the U.S.

I really hate how every magazine and cosmetic surgery place has put so much money the last decade or two into making people feel like fixing your outside will make you feel better. Take the quick fix. It works! There’s nothing wrong with the easy way out! C’mon, everybody’s doing it.

It kind of reminds me of the ad campaigns for cigarettes and fast food. There’s nothing wrong with our product. Just try it. The quick fix trend is just as dangerous. There is even evidence to show that plastic surgery is addictive just like fast food and nicotine, too.


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