Here’s the Deal

Everything posted below this was originally posted on myspace which I am now avoiding like the plague.  Y’see it seems, my wife met some guy on myspace and has been boning him for almost a year now.  You can still see her pic on my friends list at myspace in her sports bra with those tight little abs.  Yeah, I took that picture.  She maintains that little body partially by working as a professional trainer after passing the test that I helped her study for….twice.  So after fifteen years of being faithful and trying to help her through her six different kinds of crazy, it all went for naught as she decided she would bone the guy who raped her in high school.  Yes, you heard me right.  His name is John Scott and you can look him up on myspace, too.  My wife’s picture will be on his “friends” list, too. The divorce isn’t final, but it will be soon enough.  You two deserve each other.  Have fun.  

So, that’s the reason for the new digs, the lack of posts and everything else.  Now I’m trying to get back into the writing swing.  The previous stuff I transferred over in its entirety from myspace except for a rather embarrassing poem I wrote while I was battling depression a few months back due to my marital situation.  I declined to repost that.  I notice some of the stuff is out of order and not formatted to make it easier to read, but I believe it all is still understandable.  

Don’t worry about me.  I’ve got lots of friends and family supporting me.  My vision gets a little clearer every day and I’m able to see that I was suffering what was basically mental abuse at the hands of my wife for years and I’m now rolling forward.  I’ve lost about 40 lbs recently.  I believe they call it the infidelity diet.  My workouts have been frequent and I feel physically better than I have in years.    I’m off to hang a heavy bag in the basement and work off some bitterness at even having to dicuss my wife’s antics, but in the end, I think writing about it and letting the world know what I’ve been going through could be therapeutic for me and hopefully mildy entertaining for others who may come here, just to have a laugh or two at my expense.  That’s okay.   Later


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