March 11, 2007 – Sunday

The other day my wife sent me a pair of pictures of Kellie Pickler. One photo was before the boob job and the other was after. The resulting rant it led me on has nothing to do with Kellie Pickler herself and is just generally misogynistic. I thought I’d cut and paste it here. In case you are too stressed out to spend fifteen seconds using Google images, I’ve pasted a couple URL’s below.

Before pic:

After pic:


The “before” picture looks better. Implants….bah, who likes em? Baggage so that superficial women can do a better job of attracting superficial men. Add the makeup, wear whore clothes, dance like a slut, get implants, add a nosejob and then bitch because all the men they attract are shallow.

Anybody else’s ears ringing with the deafening gong of irony?

I’ve got an idea. Instead of working extra Friday shifts waitressing at Chili’s so you can afford $10K worth of silicone, you could actually take a class or travel and do something to improve yourself. Maybe with a little practice you could even become smart enough to uphold one end of an intelligent conversation that involved more than trendy makeup and how much of a shame it is that The Gap no longer carries your favorite brand of shoes. That way instead of just giggling and tittering while you sit in men’s laps at the bar waiting for them to buy you the next round you could actually show the world that you do have a brain and some sort of depth of character. Maybe if you could achieve that, then maybe, just maybe you would eventually be able to find a man that is interested in more than your gazongas.
Okay, now I think I’m done with that rant. No promises though.

Don’t tell me men are responsible for holding back women in this world. Women do a good enough job of that themselves.


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